Have your own breathable custom printed and washable face masks printed with your own full colour logo and words. You can choose a colour mask and have a smaller logo printed onto it, with the background colour showing, or you could opt for a full colour print covering the whole mask


A great way to support your colleagues in a workplace, or promote that your company brand supports measures such as masks for protection. even your own family crest, or photos of animal mouths, the choice is limitless.


With many countries, and their travel restrictions requiring the need for face masks, and many local residents still wishing to have the safety of a face mask while they leave their homes to do essential shopping and chores, we are happy to continue to provide these as long as stocks last. Masks have been generally used as one of the protective equipment tools and are known to reduce the prospect of contracting any airborne bacteria and viruses, but are primarily used by those who have a persistent cough, as they catch and trap particles of moisture released in your breath, thus reducing hugely any airborne particles that may otherwise spread to others. They are also used in areas where there is air pollution to filter out dust, pollen and carbon emissions present in the air. Non Surgical masks will never be 100% effective at filtering out all bacteria and viruses, but will provide a barrier and a much greater chance of contracting air bourne diseases. 


These masks are washable by hand, wash just a though you were washing your hands, gentle massage action for a minute or so, and dry in open air, so can be reused time and time again.


The ear loops are elasticated, and the material front and inner is breathable silk, so as to keep the face cool and prevent anti fogging when wearing glasses.


Sold as a set of TWENTY in one size selections, with your own logo printed. Once order is placed, we will contact you by email for the image to print, and your colour choice of mask if not a full all over image.


Custom printed products normally take around 3 weeks to arrive at your address and we offer worldwide freepost.

Face Mask Have your own custom logo printed