Face Mask pm2.5 carbon filter replacements pack of 10


THis for the FILTER REPLACEMENT PADS, not a Face mask

Suitable for face masks that have a filter pad pocket


As Covid-19 is thought to be only transmitted through phyical touch with an infected surface or from person to person by touch, and not transmitted airbourne, this replacement filter should should be used once each week in your mask to provide a barrier against 95% of all air borne particles, should everyone wear a similar mask. It is always advisable that if you intend to remove your mask, DO sanitise or wash your hands beforehand to keep your mask free from contamination if you intend to use it all day. 


And please think of the environment when throwing or disposing of used masks and filters. Cut the ear straps as these can tangle around animals if discarded irresponsibly. Likewise, filters contain chemicals that may be harmful to animals if injected, and the filter fibres take a long time to breaqk down naturally. Dispose of in your household refuse, or take to a store that has a collection point/bin for used masks.


Follow the advice shown in the image in this product listing, regarding the safe method for fitting a face mask, removal of mask, and disposal.

Face Mask pm2.5 carbon filter replacements pack of 10