Face Mask Guernsey Together satin washable reusable protection


Protective satin face mask, washable and reusable made from silk layered, printed with the  'Guernsey Together' Message, showing the Island of Guernsey, with the iconic Kicking Donkey, along side the official flag and embraced by the rainbow of togetherness that the Bailiwick of Guernsey has shown, coming through the Covid-19 pandemic.


These Silk Satin Masks can be washed and reused many times. We recommend hand-wash in mild water or machine wash in a laundry bag. Each day/night when you get home and the mask comes off, the best routine you can get into have a basin part filled with soapy warm water, place your mask in it and then wash your hands as you gentlymassage the mask at the same time. after a minute, rinse off the mask and lay flat onto a paper towel, it will dry quickly overnight ready for use the next day. Rinse off your hands and thats a good cleaning routine to establish.

Lay flat to dry.


With many countries, and their travel restrictions requiring the need for face masks, and many local residents still wishing to have the safety of a face mask while they leave their homes to do essential shopping and chores, we are happy to continue to provide these as long as stocks last. Masks have been generally used as one of the protective equipment tools and are known to reduce the prospect of contracting any airborne bacteria and viruses by up to 90%, but are primamrily used by those who have a persistent cough, as they catch and trap particles of moisture released in your breath, thus reducing hugely any airborne particles that may otherwise spread to others. They are also used in areas where there is air pollution to filter out dust, pollen and carbon emissions present in the air. Non Surgical masks will never be 100% effective at filtering out all bacteria and viruses, but will provide a barrier and a much greater chance of contracting air bourne diseases. 


Most masks tend to be breathable, as it is the front part directly in contact around your mouth and nose that is the essential area to protect, both from moist airbourne particles if someone coughs. Masks do vent your breath, but it is directed away from the front area, and redirected up and around the nose, and to the sides of the cheeks.


The ear loops are elasticated, and the material front and inner is breathable silk, so as to keep the face cool and reduce anti fogging when wearing glasses (fogging will still occurr if you have moved from indoors/outdoors, until the temperature equalises)


There are various colours to choose from, and there are three sizes, which are generally sized for child (age 5 - 10), medium (small adult or teen), and adult (generally mansize) - dimensions are as follows


Child Size - protective printed silk area - 140mm cheek to cheek, and 100mm nose to chin

with ear loops extending, before stretching, to 280mm


Medium Size  - protective printed silk area - 160mm cheek to cheek, and 120mm nose to chinwith ear loops extending, before stretching, to 300mm


Adult Size - protective printed silk area - 170mm cheek to cheek, and 140mm nose to chinwith ear loops extending, before stretching, to 320mm

Face Mask Guernsey Together satin washable reusable protection