Guernsey and Jersey Collectors Coin Force 135 75th liberation Channel Islands - Limited Edition


Force 135 was a combined military and naval flotilla tasked with liberating the Channel Islands from the German occupation during World War 2. Guernsey and Jersey were liberated and freed on 9th May 1945. The other islands were liberated soon afterwards.

To commemorate the 75th Liberation of Guernsey and Jersey, we have commisioned a series of collectible items to treasure, honouring both the liberating troops within Force 135, and the Islanders that had endured years of occupation, including this metal pressed double sided coin.

One side of the coin represents the two main Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, with island map outlines, and the 75th commemorating the years of freedom when the coin was produced. The rear side shows the 3D relief of the St Peter Port Church in Guernsey, with HMS Bulldog in the harbour, the date of liberation and the Operation Nest Egg which Forvce 135 were involved in to liberate the islands.

The coin will be cased in a rectangular protector, and attached to an information card, and plastci sleeved as a presentation pack. New images to follow. The glossy information card is double sided, One side showing the image in the background of the crowds celebrating outside Hotel Pomme D'Or in Jersey, the otherside shows the crowds celebrating in St Peter Port. Both card sides have historic information about thje Liberation by FORCE 135

Coin is base iron with pressed antique silver 3D Nickel plating finish with touches of colour, size is 40mm and 3mm thick. The printed silver metallic card insert that is above the coin in the case is loose in the recessed section, but this is self peel and adhesive if you prefer to have it permanently stuck into the recess.

AVAILABLE NOW, so order now to secure this very limited edition item.


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Guernsey and Jersey Collectors Coin Force 135 75th liberation Channel Islands


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