Force 135 75th liberation Guernsey Flag 9 may black and white photo scene


Force 135 was a combined military and naval flotilla tasked with liberating the Channel Islands from the German occupation during World War 2. Guernsey and Jersey were liberated and freed on 9th May 1945. The other islands were liberated soon afterwards.

To commemorate the 75th Liberation of Guernsey and Jersey, we have commisioned a series of collectible items to treasure, honouring both the liberating troops within Force 135, and the Islanders that had endured years of occupation. This image shows the liberated crowds in st peter port

This is a series of Flags to collect, Each Flag depicts a photograph, painting or saying of the actual day of Liberation in Guernsey May 9th 1945, and is available in different sizes as a Polyester lightweight flag, that will flutter in the lightest of breezes. This quality Flag is colourfast so will not fade, and is double edged stitched to resist fraying. The left hand seam will also have two rust proof grommets to allow flagpole rigging to be attached. Photos may be quite grainy quality closed up,  in the larger print sizes due to the actual image taken on the day and the limited photographic resources during the occupation.

Single sided print is in stock - double sided is 'Made to Order' and would take 2-3 weeks for delivery


You can also order the superior quality Double Sided flag. What is the advantage? With the single digital print flag, one side is a clear vibrant image, with the crest and all the parish text readable correctly, where the rear would then be a mirror image with everything reversed. With a Double Sided flag, Both sides of the flag are printed identical so everthing is the correct aspect with text readable and image the right perspective. A center black sheet is stitched together with both sides of the flag print so sunlight cannot interfere with the image overlaying onto the other, and the quality of the flag is much more hard wearing and heavier material.

Force 135 75th liberation Guernsey Flag 9 may black and white photo scene