Fun Flag, Olympic games, Pirates, Smiley face


Of course, it may be a flag, but it's the size of a poster, maybe use it as a centerepiece on a wall for a birthday party? or why not adorn your room with it, maybe even across a bed, it's not just a flag, it's a hero cape? wrap it like a sarong, just have fun with it if you don't want to use it as a flag.


We have now introduced an ever expanding range of flag designs 


Olympic Games Flag

Pirate Flag

Smiley Face Flag


Flags are genereally 5x3ft in size, colourfast printed onto polyester lightweight but hardwearing weather resistant material, that has been edge stitched, and has two weather resistance grommets top and bottom on the left sleeve section, for mounting onto flag pole rigging. 


Fun Flag, Olympic games, Pirates, Smiley face