Guernsey Donkey Car Decal Stickers (x2) plus GBG sticker - Car body work and window decal stickers of the iconic Guernsey Donkey in various poses. The donkey, particularly the stubborn kicking donkey symbolising the Guernsey People.


You will get TWO of the Stickers in this pack.


Suitable for car exterior use (Window, Bodywork, Number plate), but can be used on any flat or smooth round surface such a luggage cases, bottles, lunch boxes etc..
It is waterproof, fade-resistant, self-adhesive.
Easily to use and strong visual impact.
Easy cleaning and maintenance.
Show your cars identity

Various Sizes:  approx 150x150mm


Instructions on how to apply your decal sticker


You will need some surface cleaning and drying cloths, and a rigid card like a credit card.


1. Select the area to apply the sticker to. Must be smooth, clean and dry.


2. The sticker is made up of two sheets which sandwich the vinyl. You should place the sticker on a hard surface and press firmly with your finger tips, all over the visible parts of the vinyl design. This ensures that the sticker adheres to the backing paper.


3. You should then remove the white card side slowly, ensuring that all of the vinyl remains stuck to the frosted backing paper. Pressing card together gently and curl as you peel should enable this.

Once white card has been remove, discard in the bin.


4. Position the backing paper close to the are you wish to stick the vinyl decal onto, with the vinyl sticker facing toward the clean surface. Align correctly and press the top part of the backing card onto the suface and with the rigid card, place this onto the backing papaer and slowly and gently press and slide down to apply the sticker smoothly to the surface. You can then use the card to smooth the full size of the sticker and pressing any bubbles away as you smooth.


5. Once applied, pull gently on the backing paper, curling it slowly away from the surface to reveal your decal sticker in place. Again, if the sticker has not adhered in parts when peeling, press firming on that part of the backing paper again before curling away.


6. Once backing paper is removed, gently use your card to smooth away any smaller bubbles and Voila, A nice clear and visiable sticker to be seen by all.

Guernsey Donkey Car Decal Stickers (x2) plus GBG

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