Guernsey Together Proud to be a Donkey Flag - Covid 19 RainbowBalloonees brings you an exclusive design for celebrating Guernsey Together against Covid-19. We DID IT, ZERO active cases May 2020, and we can do it again if, and when the island community has to pull together again. This is a custom made flag of our own design, showing the Island of Guernsey, with the iconic Stubborn Donkey, symbolisim the resiliance of the population, Kicking the Covid-19 Coronavirus out of the Island. The background features the Community 'All Together' Rainbow, which shows appreciation to all those essential and key workers that kept all us home bound safe. Official Guernsey flag shown in right hand corner, with the blue colour representing the sea. The polyester fabric material has been stitched sealed to avoid fraying and perfect for outside, and suitable to mount onto flag pole rigging. it is colour fast, and fade resistant, and can be washed for cleaning. Two rust resistant grommets are fitted onto the left hand sleeve section. Flag is available as a standard single side print flag, as like most flags, this is the usuaway, so one side is extremely clear and vibrant, with text reading correctly, but on the reverse side, the colours are a little less brighter and any text appears backwards. DOUBLE sided print is available and is the better quality option, which in effect enables two of the same flag to be stitched together back to back, with a black inner sheet so that both side are vibrant with colour and the image is exactly the same with text readable correctly. There is also a non virus symbol version that is exactly the same without the virus image printed 

Guernsey Together Proud to be a Donkey Flag - Covid 19 Rainbow

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