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HUGE Guernsey Flag (both 5 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft versions), Liberation Day 9th May 1945 Channel islands


This is the HUGE version of the official Guernsey Flag, established in 1985 to identify to the world our own identity, as previously, and particularly for sporting events internationally, Guernsey teams would enter under the flag of St Geoge.

The design symbolises both the English and French (Normandy) link, that the islands have had going back 800 years when they were forever changing hands in wars. The red cross is the link to England, and the yellow cross is the link to Normandy.

The flag is a Polyester lightweight flag (110d weight), that will flutter in the lightest of breezes. This quality Flag is colourfast so will not fade, and is double edged stitched to resist fraying. The left hand seam will also have two rust resistant grommets to allow flagpole rigging to be attached. 

This is a Unique and HUGE item to show off in the run up to May each year, so please order beforehand to ensure you secure one of these.


Compared to the Standard Flag size of 5x3ft. this is the larger versions of

5 x 8 ft guernsey flag

5 x 10 ft guernsey flag


all in stock and custom made specifically for us here at The Big Gift Shop.



VERY LARGE Guernsey Flag (both 5 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft versions), SPECIAL OFFERS

PriceFrom £15.00
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