Jersey Parish Flags Channel Islands


We have the twelve parish crests designed as flags, plus an all combined island flag, and one St Helier Flag, representing the 12 parishes of jersey in the Channel Islands


The 12 Parish badges evolved to commemorate the Royal visit in 1921 of King George V and Queen Mary. The badges were designed by A G Wright, assisted by Norman Rybot, who redesigned them in 1923.


St Helier: The two axes commemorate the beheading by Saxon Pirates in AD 555 of St Helier, Patron saint of Jersey.

Grouville: Louis XI believed that the Kings of Hungary were descended from St Martin, born in Hungary. Their arms of eight bars of red and silver were placed on the saint’s shrine in the Cathedral of Tours. Grouville’s emblem shows the full eight bars, but St Martin has only seven.

St Brelade: Legend has it that St Brelade prayed for land whilst searching for the Islands of the Blest. An island arose from the sea on which he celebrated Easter. As he departed so did the island. It was an enormous fish sent in answer to his prayers.

St Clement: St Clement is the Patron Saint of blacksmiths and anchorsmiths. Legend has it that he was martyred by being attached to an anchor and thrown into the Black Sea.

St John: The Maltese Cross is the emblem of the Knights of St John at Jerusalem (Knights Hospitallers). The stylised Maltese Cross is set on a green background to recognise the old name for the Parish church, St John of the Oaks, though the church was dedicated to John the Baptist.

St Lawrence: St Lawrence, Bishop of Rome, was martyred along with six deacons and Pope Sixtus II by being roasted alive on a gridiron. The saint is always depicted by being tied to or holding a gridiron.

St Martin: St Martin of Tours is the Patron Saint of St martin and Grouville, which is why their badges are similar. Both badges are based on the arms of the King of Hungary. It has seven bars to distinguish it from St Martin of Grouville.

St Mary: The lily of the Annunciation of ‘Flwur de Lys’ has always been regarded as the special flower of the Virgin Mary.

St Ouen: St Ouen, the Patron Saint of Normandy, founded a religious community on Jersey before the Viking invasions. He is said to have seen a miraculous cross, which told him to travel from Normandy to Jersey.

St Peter: The crossed keys of Heaven and Hell have always been the symbols of St eter. The Parish church was dedicated to St Pierre dans le Désert, recognised by the gold border to the crossed keys.

St Saviour: The Parish church, St Sauveur de L’Épine, was dedicated to Jesus Christ. Hence, the crown and nails of the cruxifixion though ’Épine‘ means thorn and may suggest a relic of the crown of thorns.

Trinity: The most curious of the Parish badges. The triangle obviously represents the Holy Trinity. God (deus) in the centre is (est) father (Parter), Son (Fillius) and Holy Ghost (Spiritus) whereas none of the members of the Trinity are of themselves (non est) God.

These flag sizes are manufactured to order and may take two to three weeks for delivery

Standard size listed is 3x2 ft (90x60cm) - larger full flag pole size 5x3 ft (150x90 cm) also available


please note - that as this is a 'made to order' product, once ordered, we will not accept any cancellation orders should you have expected this before the advised delivery time as listed , 2-3 weeks.


You can also opt to have your flag DOUBLE SIDED printed, which will reporoduce the same image on both sides, Amuch thicker bettere quality flag, where anyy weriting, as an example, TRINITY crest, would then hane both sides readable correctlt, instead of one side have the text reversed.

Jersey Parish Flags Channel Islands

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