Jersey Together Collectors Memento Coin Limited Edition


To commemorate the community sprit in coming together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a recognised Thank You to all those essential Key Workers that kept the island fed, and heathcare workers that risked their lifes keeping us all safe. This is the JERSEY TOGETHER Limited Edition Coin.


Front coin side features the Island with flag embedded, atop is the coronovirus with the rainbow in the background and the hand clap making the circle to show support, gratitude and togetherness to end the pandemic on the island. The rear coin side features the island flag in the background, with some of the essential key workers and job descriptions that kept the island fed, clean, healthy and safe. The coin protector tablet case, is semi permanently attached to the plastic sleeve of the information sheet, but can be removed so the coin case can be opened to view the coin.

The coin will be cased in a rectangular professional protector case, and attached to an information card, and plastic sleeved as a presentation pack. The glossy information card is double sided, The printed silver metallic card insert that is above the coin in the case may be loose in the recessed section, but this is self peel and adhesive if you prefer to have it permanently stuck into the recess.

Coin is base iron with pressed antique silver 3D Nickel plating finish with touches of colour, size is 40mm and 3mm thick


 LIMITED EDITION, only 100 ever made, shipping FREEPOST now



Jersey Together Collectors Memento Coin Limited Edition

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