Liberation Day Guernsey Bunting Flags 6m


Force 135 was a combined military and naval flotilla tasked with liberating the Channel Islands from the German occupation during World War 2. Guernsey and Jersey were liberated and freed on 9th May 1945. The other islands were liberated soon afterwards.

To commemorate the 75th Liberation of Guernsey and Jersey, we have commisioned a series of collectible items to treasure, honouring both the liberating troops within Force 135, and the Islanders that had endured years of occupation.

This is a custom made flag bunting of 6 meter length polyester flags, depicting the official Guernsey Flag (introduced 1985), as a celebration of Guernsey Liberation each 9th of May. Each flag is 15x22cm in size, evenly spaced along the full ribbon length, with a couple of extra meters ribbon at each end for tying, and consists of approxiametly 16 flags. The material has been edge heat sealed to avoid fraying when used outside in windy conditions, it is colour fast, and fade resistant, and can be washed for cleaning.

This item is now available, so order early before it sells out. Item will be posted once in stock.

Liberation Day Guernsey Bunting Flags 6m


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