Thank You Key Workers Rainbow Guernsey Together Flag LGBTQ Pride Channel Islands


As a personal tribute to all those Key Workers keeping the country safe and providing essential supplies and services, These series of rainbow flags are eyecatching and to the point. THANK YOU to all those still working, to those working in the Health and Social Care systems, to those providing Education and Childcare services, The Key Public Services in Government and Utilities, Logistics and Food companies, Emergency Services personel, and not forgetting the communication staff, postoies and street cleaners, all those that work to maintain our essentail services in the Country, but particulary those on the Frontline, puting their own lives in risk, to ensure we are all safe. THANK YOU. And what a great flag to use during Liberation weeks, with such multi messages.


We have produced rainbow designs for each of the Main Channel Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark and even little Herm, as a way for those residenat to show thanks for being safe. Check our other listings for these. This is the Key Worker Flag for Guernsey.




Why not order one of the telescopic handheld flagpoles, and wave with pride on your doorstep? see our other key worker listings

Thank You Key Workers Rainbow Guernsey Together Flag LGBTQ Pride

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